9th July 2016

Graphic Design Brief

To Start a Graphic Design Project Please Submit Our Design Brief Below

(Once this has been submitted, we will arrange a meetup to discuss your project)

When working with a graphic designer on a graphic design project such as a logo design, flyer design or even a simple business card design for your business, it’s very crucial and vital to give them a clear and detailed design brief.

If you’re not sure exactly what you want, start by sharing any general thoughts and ideas by completing our ‘Graphic Design Brief’ below. I will work with you to develop and produce an iconic design. The more information you can supply me with the better understanding i will have about your business image and goals.

The information you kindly provide forms the basis of the graphic design and creative brief; without information nothing much is possible.

If you have ANY questions relating to this Graphic Design Brief, or anything else in general, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Alternatively, for a more instant form of communication, please feel free to text / SMS me on: +44 780 7085 003 or call the office number on +44 1709 329 473, or Tweet me on Twitter:  

Graphic Design Brief

Graphic Design Questionnaire / Creative Brief

Logo & Brand Information

Please answer all questions as descriptively as possible. This is not the time to rush or skip the filling in for a form.The idea with all this is for me to be able to get a good idea of what you do, and I can only do that with information.

Do you have an existing tag line / slogan, which needs to form part of the logo, then please enter this here. If you do not have a tag line, then I would strongly recommend that we work on creating one for you. A good tag line can often form the platform for the visual direction of the logo.

Are there any existing brand guidelines that we need to know about? E.g. corporate colours, imagery style, fonts etc.

Please list examples of other designs you have seen that are roughly what you are looking for, this will give us an idea of the type of design style you like.

This is where I need you to be descriptive and detailed as possible. You need to sell what you do so I can understand, to the best of my abilities, what I am designing a logo and/or brand identity or graphic design for.

This is a refined and optimised version of the above. Think along the lines of the Elevator Pitch: you have just a minute, or two, to enthusiastically explain, and describe, what your brand is before I exit the elevator.

Positioning determines what place a brand (tangible good or service) should occupy in the consumers mind compared to the competition. A position is often described as the meaningful difference between the brand and its competitors. Or more simply put, whats the Unique Selling Point that trumps your competitors?

Please list, or describe, the type of people that need to be influenced by the logo or graphic design when they see it. This is very important, as its all about ensuring your message is conveyed to the right audience.

Direct - Please list any local competitors. We absolutely need to know how your competitors brand, and position, themselves before we can create a visual identity for you. If you are able to provide URLs of websites, then even better. InDirect - This is about being fully prepared. There may be businesses that you dont compete with directly, but do choose, or have to, take notice of what they are up to. They may not be competing with you now, but you might feel that one day soon they could be sitting on your doorstep.

Please indicate any specific schedules/deadlines that may have some bearing on the project.

Please add any additional information or questions you might have here.

Use the upload file button to upload any files we may need, eg - you may already have a logo and we may need this to add to a graphic design.

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