Frame Photography Logo Design


This is the Frame Photography Logo Design

Important information points gathered from the Logo design brief :-

  • The company was a Photography agency
  • The logo must emphasis the word “FRAME” in both text and icon design
  • Creative control over branding colour i went with black and red colour. Red is associated with energy and determination also passion and desire and love, its also a very emotionally intense colour these words describe company qualities and how they work.
  • The Logo must work well as a black and white concept.
  • Nature of the work must be reflected and creates a professional corporate image.
  • Be used as a watermark on photography.



Frame Photography Logo Design


Photography Logo Design Rotherham South Yorkshire

The Logo Design maser sheet below when presenting the Logo Design to the client.


Other Concepts explored for the client, including a digital vector drawn camera icon




Working to create a simple black and white concept to be used for either a water mark or other variation for photography presentation.


logo design services rotherham south yorkshire


Frame Photography Logo Design, Photography Logo Design Rotherham South Yorkshire

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