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Web and Graphic Design, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Jeff Garner the owner of Manor Welding Technology LTD contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss a logo design, including company branding and a business card design.

I met with Jeff and his wife to find out how i could help during the initial first meeting we discussed Manor Welding Technology as a company and what they stood for and the services they offered.

From the meeting the important information points i gathered was:-

  • The company was a welding engineering consultancy
  • The logo must emphasis the the letters MWT
  • The colours the company wanted was a light blue and a grey colour that represents a technical corporate feel
  • The Logo must work well as a black and white concept.
  • The logo must also reflect the nature of the work and creates a professional corporate image.

After the meeting i got out the sketch book as i do with all my projects and went pencil to paper to sketch out some ideas, we had a second meeting and the best 4 sketches were selected to be digitized and built in Adobe illustrator, the 4 concepts were then printed off and presented in another meeting, the chosen logo was then selected and finalized with revisions instructed by Jeff the company owner, once happy the design was signed off

Logo and Graphic Design Services In Rotherham, South Yourkshire

The Final Logo Design

As part of the design phase I explored a number of directions, however the design which stood out and became the final selected logo is the design presented.

The design has been carefully thought out to maintain a very simple appearance, whilst having separate meanings:

  • I wanted to represent welding within the logo and the letters bonding together / overlapping represents this.
  • The W needed to stand out as the main area the company deals and specialise in “Welding”

Logo Design Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Logo, Graphic Design, Coporate Branding, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

After the Logo Design project was finalized and signed off Jeff the company owner asked me to start work on a business card design.

Jeff sent me all the details and information required to appear on the business card, he gave me creative control over the design as long as all the information was included. He just had one request that one side had a black background and a large scale logo covering one side, and the second side to have the information on, once completed the design was presented and some slight revisions made, then the design was signed off and printed.

The cards turned out quite well and Jeff was really happy with the finished product.I really enjoyed working with Jeff and his wife at Manor Welding Technology on this project, they were really nice people to meet and work with, i wish them all the best with their business and hope to work with them again in the near future on different projects.

Business Card Design Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Business Card Design, Rotherham South Yorkshire

Customer Feedback

After a follow up the customer was very happy with the final designs, and has provided the following testimonial:

After scouring the internet for graphic design services for my new company logo I contacted Andrew at AJR Designs.  Andrew set to work with the minimum design brief and came up with just what I was looking for.  So pleased with the logo, I also used Andrew for my business card design.  Andrew provided a fast, efficient and friendly service that I’ll have no hesitation using again’.

Jeff Garner – Manor Welding Technology Limited


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