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Oasis Hot Tubs and Spas Rotherham

Pete and Lisa Summers the Directors of Oasis Hot Tubs & Spas LTD contacted me for creative direction and they required full creative guidance, Their company was scheduled to open on the 30th July 2016 and they had already secured business premises at Onyx Park on manvers way, wath upon dearne and become a dealer with the well established global caldera spas and registered with  BISHTA the trade association.

We arranged the initial first meeting to get to know each other and go through ideas, i also learnt a lot about their company and goals for the future. We also outlined the design brief of what it was they required. I was given full creative control throughout. They wanted Logo Design & Branding Identity / Flyer Design / Website Design.

Gathered information from initial meeting:-

  • The company was a Hot Tubs and Spas Specialist supplier, dealing in the Caldera range and registered with BISHTA the trade association.
  • Once the logo was signed off, a flyer needed to be designed and then once the flyer was complete the website would need to be designed and developed
  • The logo must emphasis either Water, Splashes, Drips, Bubbles
  • Needed an appealing icon for visual identity of the company.
  • The colours the company wanted was a mixture of varied light blues that represents a water feel
  • The Logo must work well as a black and white concept.
  • The logo must also reflect the nature of the business and creates a professional corporate image but keeping a fun aspect about it.

After the meeting i did some further research into the companies competitors then i went pencil to paper with the sketch book as i do with all my projects to sketch out some ideas, we had a second meeting and the best 4 sketches were selected to be digitized and built in Adobe illustrator, the 6 concepts were then printed off and presented in another meeting, the chosen logo was then selected and finalized with revisions instructed by Peter and Lisa the company owners, once happy the design was signed off.

Oasis Hot Tubs and Spas Sketch Ideas Photos

The Final Logo Design

As part of the design process I explored many different directions, however the design which stood out and became the final selected logo is the design presented.

The design was carefully thought out to maintain a corporate and fun feel appearance, whilst having separate meanings within the design:

  • I wanted to represent a water feel within the logo in more than one way and i was able to achieve this.
  • For the appealing icon i wanted the icon to represent the “O” in Oasis and incorporate the different shades of blue to create a water whirl feel and the “i” is blowing bubbles out.

Oasis Hot Tubs & Spas Logo Design Rotherham

Oasis Hot Tubs and Spas Logo Design In Rotherham


After the Logo Design project was finalized and signed off Pete and Lisa asked me to start work on the flyer design.

They gave me creative control over the design as they were unsure what they wanted but something to advertise the new showroom that was opening soon, so business details needed to be included and they wanted a double sided design, once completed the design was presented and some slight revisions made, then the design was signed off and printed.

Oasis Flyer Water Background for portfolio

Flyer Design in Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Flyer Design in Rotherham, South Yorkshire

The flyers turned out quite well and both Pete and Lisa was really happy with the finished design.I am really enjoying working with them on this project, they are both really nice people to meet and work with, This is still an ongoing project with more promotional design work been required as and when its needed.

The web design was a fun part of this project as always i enyoyed going out onsite and doing the photography and filming some short videos, and included the following features

Project Included:

  • Email & Hosting Setup
  • Website Design & Development
  • Custom jQuery Responsive sticky navigation
  • Responsive Design For Mobile and Tablet Devices
  • UI, UX Design, including wire frame mock-up
  • Client meetings, to demo website stage, usability, engagement, experience
  • Creative Photography at location – Integrated into the website
  • Short Videos of the Hot Tubs in action
  • Content Writing
  • Setup and Incorporate Facebook & Instagram Social Media
  • Setup Instagram Gallery
  • Website Backup Implemented

After Care

  • Website Training For Adding Content
  • Email Setup to shop computer
  • Social Media Training

Web Design & Development 




Customer Feedback


Would highly recommend Andrew  at AJR  for his fantastic services , as a new business we were busy trying to get everything in place ,after meeting with him we put our total trust in him to design the logo, flyers and website,  he was there throughout and took the stress out of all the design etc, his ideas were great ,he did his absolute best for us not only as a business but as people ,looking back we couldn’t have done it without him .


Lisa & Peter
Oasis Hot Tubs And Spas

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