Above we show one of our guiding principles. "Effective Design begins with the right questions, a great idea, and a good pencil". Below, we explain how we came to adopt this and what we mean exactly. The core essence of what we do as a design business has been distilled down into these three key points. It may appear simplistic, but they are quite difficult to achieve, so we use them as a constant reminder to help guide us.


Logo Design, Website Design, Graphic Design, Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, South Yorkshire


This is the foundation upon which great design is built; getting to root of the problem from an internal and operational perspective as well as that of the customer. By asking the right questions we can execute top level creative that not only problem solves, but can be used as the cornerstone of a solid creative strategy and roadmap for the future.


Logo Design, Website Design, Graphic Design, Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, South Yorkshire


The benchmark of a great design company is the ability to generate 'The Big Idea' and understand the applications of that idea across multiple channels and touchpoints. An overall creative strategy is something often overlooked by using tactical executions to address complex business problems. We don't go for the quick fix.


Logo Design, Website Design, Graphic Design, Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, South Yorkshire


The computer is simply a tool. Too often 'designs' are sold on polished visuals alone, but we believe solutions can actually be solved at the notebook level by using a little grey matter and a little black graphite. We can iterate faster and be more focused without losing sight of the problem to be solved, rather than being attracted to bright shiny vectors.



AJR Designs provides exceptional design solutions for small to mid-sized businesses by harnessing our experience of working with some big companies / agencies and packaging it in a smaller, more accessible, approachable and manageable format for our clients.

We do this by eliminating unnecessary overheads and complex organisation structures, employing a sound design philosophy that underpins everything we do, and giving you a direct line of communication with our design team.

Smaller budgets doesn't necessarily mean you can afford less, it just means we need to WORK SMARTER to help you achieve your ROI and goals. And that's our promise.

Every day we strive to...

...be an effective design partner for our clients, doing the best work we can within their budgets, managing their expectations, offering consultation when necessary, and advising responsibly, whilst being the best people we can be.


We're all huge fans of God's Own County "Yorkshire" and there are a number of reasons why...

Yorkshire Puddings

We couldn't imagine Yorkshire without these delicacies! They're what drive the spirit of our fine Yorkshire folk, but of course, they need to be made to the strict recipe to ensure they come out perfect every time!

The Yorkshire Spirit!

If there's one thing that draws people to 'God's Own C​ounty' it's the people. Nowhere else in the world will you find people that are so passionate about their culture, and it wouldn't be too surprising if you heard people chanting 'Yorkshire, Yorkshire Yorkshire!' as you walk down the street.  ​​

The Countryside

Described by many as the most magnificent views in Britain, the stunning Yorkshire Dales are the county's most iconic features, from Malham Cove to Ilkley M​​oor. But, the beauty doesn't stop there, Yorkshire is also home to some of the country's best historic buildings and quite a few of them are in our home town or Rotherham such as - Wentworth House, Roach Abbey, Conisbrough Castle, Clifton park museum, The Old Town hall and the Minster Church in the heart of Rotherham town.

The Yorkshire Folk

The ultimate tell-tale sign of Yorkshire is undeniably the great Yorkshire accent that everyone loves! Eee By Gum! 'by 'eck!

Yorkshire Tea

Everyone in Yorkshire loves a good brew! The county widely regards its tea as a vital part of the culture and life, and we all drink it religiously! ...so get the kettle on its time for a brew!




Owned and founded under the AJR Solutions Group by Andrew Marriott he is a graphic and web designer who specialises in logo and brand identity design with a career and professional experience spanning over 

15 years, working with businesses of all sizes, ranging from start-ups through to large organisations local and around the world.

Andrew Marriott - Owner and Founder of the AJR Solutions Group Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK

He his most well known under the name of The Logo Creative where he is an influencer to other passionate logo and brand identity designers and has a growing following on twitter @thelogocreative and a world wide design studio where he designs logos for clients all around the world www.thelogocreative.co.uk

In less than 6 months of releasing the The logo creative blog it was ranked in the top 40 Logo Design blogs in the world over thousands of other sites and awarded by Feedspot. The site keeps growing and the content keeps following and is most well known for its world wide interviews Andrew does with other logo and brand identity designers from around the world including some of his idols. 

He's a technical and creative guy who loves Design and technology and from a very young age he has been passionate about Graphic Design, Technology and Photography. He works hard and plays harder, He's driven and full of enthusiasm with a passion to help others. He's fuelled by technology, Driven by design and optimised in providing solutions.

He achieved A Level Art and Design as well as A Level Graphic Design at school and holds distinction level Diplomas in areas such as Graphic Design, Web Design, iMedia and Photography as well as numerous credentials in IT from CompTIA / Microsoft Certified to numerous City & Guilds distinction level qualifications,

AJR Designs, is him simply doing what he loves most: been creative while solving design and business problems. and as Andrew always says

"Good design excels a business visually and communicates trust and confidence, giving you the edge over the competition and if you can communicate this visually that's good design"  

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