Choose The Right Colour Scheme For Your Website

In this Article AJR discuss Choose The Right Colour Scheme For Your Website

Choosing the wrong colour combination for your website design can affect your credibility negatively and even affects the way the customers see you as a business. For example, you may think you are designing for impact yet end up with an aggressive and closed effect that will convey the opposite of what your trying to achieve. So before you dive in and start choosing the colours, check out these tips to choose the right colour scheme for your website. The good thing is that these rules are easy and will give you what you are looking for without getting a headache.

Simple Does It

One of the basic rules when designing a website is to choose a few basic colours and work with them to bring out the effect you want. In fact, having more than 5 colours is way too much for you. This is because your visitors will get confused with the many colours, making it hard for them to get the information they desire easily. Additionally, you should use colours that are common to everyone. Start with the primary colours before adding others. This is why it is a good idea for you to utilise the browser-safe palette.

The good news is that this palette comes integrated in the common graphic design software on the market. You need to understand that many devices have come up that display different colours clearly. However, there are some that only display the basic colours and may not do so when you use very many colours. With the internet going mobile, simplicity is your best bet to achieve what you want.

Use Your Brand Colours for Direction

If you are spoilt for choice, one of the best sources that you can use to get an idea of the colours to go with is your company logo – only if it has been designed by professionals. You may decide to use the colours that have been used in the logo or add others that are complimentary to what has been used. Your design needs to maintain the identity of the business at all times, which requires that you do not stray too far from the colour scheme of your logo. This will help keep the identity of your company consistent.

Choose According to the Mood You Desire to Communicate

Powerful colour psychology cues are triggered when we view different colours. Different colours exude different moods when used. One way that you can decide on a color is to decide on which mood you want to evoke. Some of the colours and the moods are listed below:

Red : passion, aggressiveness, vitality, strength.

Green : freshness, health, tranquillity.

White : truthfulness, purity, refined.

Blue : security, dignity, faithfulness, authority.

Orange : cheerfulness, fun, warmth.

Black : boldness, distinctiveness, seriousness.

Gray : authority, practicality, sombre, corporate mentality.

Depending on what the information and content on your website is all about, you need to choose carefully because the dominant color is what communicates the mood to your website visitors and potential customers.

Choose The Right Color Scheme For Your Website

Understand what Your Competitor is using

One thing that customers hate is getting the same colour scheme like the one displayed on another company offering the same products or services. Make sure you do not duplicate colours because no one will know the difference. It would also be very embarrassing if you are the one copying the colours on another website. This is why it is vital that you take time and check out what your competitors are using on their websites. Always try to be as unique as possible for you to be recognised by your visitors. Duplicating colours may reach the extreme in such a way that you get sued for copyright infringement. However, you still have to make sure that the colour you choose fits in with your industry as well as complementing your brand fully.

Consider the Content that Will Go on the Site

Part of the content that you will post on the site includes text, images, and video. You need to be able to provide a background and colours that will work well with this content. The colour you choose needs to make it easy for your visitors to see the videos and pictures as well as read the text easily. To achieve this, avoid heavily textured backgrounds such as variegated, marble, stripe or burlap. Anything that is in conflict with the content needs to be eliminated.

You should not go into designing of your website blindly, because you may end up affecting your business image without knowing. Follow these simple tips to help deliver the layout and design that will make your customer come back to the site.


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