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Your Visual Identity is the presentation of your company or entity to the public. Every brand image starts from a logo design acting as the symbolic centrepiece of your identity, followed by graphic and web design to create a consistent personality for your brand. Design, layout, colours, and graphics, they collectively express the personality that you want to convey and that your target audience will associate with your brand.

A logo is the symbol that represents a company, entity or a person. Before you start designing a business card, letterhead, or any other part of a brand identity, a company/entity must have a logo. It is often the most important design element because a logo is the basis for all other marketing materials. To this end, logo design is one of our specialities

When designing a Logo Design I always look into the company’s past and future for inspiration, colours, and style.

All my logos are designed using Illustrator and available vector file (recommended) or any other standard image format. The reason that I suggest a vector file is that it allows you to resize the logo to any size without losing quality.

Remember your Logo Design is your companies visual identity and the most vital part to your business branding. It can portray anything from emotion to quality. A incorrect or poorly designed logo can often result in damaging a company’s image. Don't rush this stage its the beat investment you will make and it will stand the test of time that's the AJR promise!.


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Brand Identity Style Guide - Brand Guidelines - Logo Design, Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK


Logo Design Rotherham - Symbol or Icon (Brandmark)

Symbol or Icon (Brandmark)

This type of a logo design doesn’t have text associated to it. Larger companies like Apple, Nike, Playboy, Mercedes etc. usually select this style of logo, but for small companies it can be risky since it doesn’t express what the company is about or reinforce the company name. These logos are memorable, simple and easy to implement in designs and branding; they easily fit in everywhere a logo is desirable. A symbol can also express ideas much stronger than text. In most cases symbols or icons are abstract shapes or stylized eye-catching objects, a simple representation of a business.

Logo Design Rotherham - Lettermark (Initials)Lettermark (Initials)

Lettermarks are basically initials from a company or brand name. Some of the most famous logos of this style are: McDonalds, IBM, CNN… They are similar to symbols but are a text or acronym based mark that represents their business. Many companies choose to use this type of logo because their name is too long, hard to pronounce, or it just have too many words (and initials). They can be very creative and captivating. Merging 2-3 different letters can really make strong and lasting visual impression.

Logo Design Rotherham - Wordmark (Typography, Text)Wordmark (Typography, Text)

Wordmark is typography based logo or commonly referred to as a logotype. The best examples are Coca-Cola, Google, FedEx, Disney, Facebook… They may seem simple but it’s deceptively hard to find the right font that will fit your company image and stay memorable and creative. Text-only logos are great choice for start-ups, and individuals (for example bloggers) too, because they spell out the company or brand name. Most of the time (99%+) the font is custom and designed just to be used as a logotype.

Logo Design Rotherham - Combination Mark (Symbol and Text)Combination Mark (Symbol and Text)

These logos are combination of a wordmark, lettermark, and symbol or icon. It gives the flexibility for the use of just a symbol or symbol & name of a company. Well known logos in this style are Adidas, Macys, Sprint etc. Combination mark logos are common and spans across all industries. They are particularly popular because businesses can have the best of both worlds: their name and a visual icon next to it. It requires more time for a designer to create an exceptional combination mark due to their complexity which requires all elements of the logo to work seamlessly together or separately.

Logo Design Rotherham - Emblem (Symbol with Text inside)Emblem (Symbol with Text inside)

This type of logo is similar to a Combination Mark; however, it doesn’t have elements that can be separated. Instead, it is an icon or symbol that often incorporates text within it… The most popular emblem logos are BMW, UPS, and Harley-Davidson… This type of logo usually is associated with companies that have short names or predominant acronyms. It can be tricky to design an emblem since they are more difficult to downsize and maintain readability of the text inside the symbol. Proportions are critical.

Logo Design & Branding Packages


Logo Creative Starter
Initial Concept Sketching
( 3 ) Logo Design Concepts
( 1 ) Round of Unlimited Revisions
Transfer of Copyright Ownership
All File Formats & Vector Format
Suitable - Web, Print, Embroidery
Logo Creative Pro
Initial Concept Sketching
( 6 ) Logo Design Concepts
( 2 ) Round of Unlimited Revisions
Black & White Versions Supplied
Social Media Icon Design
Transfer of Copyright Ownership
All File Formats & Vector Format
Suitable - Web, Print, Embroidery
Logo Creative Plus
Logo Design Creative Pro Package
+ Business Card Design
+ Flyer Design
(Double Sided Design)

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