Why 2015 Was The Year Of Responsive Web Design

In this article AJR discuss Why 2015 Was The Year Of Responsive Web Design

Going into the year of 2015, we all knew the importance of mobile compatibility and UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design for user engagement with on-line content. However, we didn’t expect the mobile world to take a complete 180.

In the past, we have skimmed by with our mediocre mostly static websites, and our mediocre mobile applications. We have put a lot of thought into these things over the years, we have let them become sort or a “second-nature”, and we have not nurtured them, I am not saying they did not work well! But it was sort of set it and forget it thing.

Well 2015 was the year for CHANGE!

A mobile responsive website is vital to all of your business engagements and transactions, especially in today’s day and age.  Even your grandparents probably use their mobile phone to access the internet.  And while all of this common knowledge, what many of us did not expect to happen was Mobilegeddon.

Now, if you are reading this, then chances are you already know all about Mobilegeddon – since it has became a hot topic in the on-line world.  So, I’ll spare you all the ins and outs. However, for those of you that are not that familiar, you can check this article out for all the details on Mobilegeddon and how it can affect you.

Moving forward, with this change in the on-line universe, mobile and responsive websites are more important than ever! There are two important reasons why you need to produce and maintain and efficient responsive mobile website!

Keep Them Coming – Don’t Disappoint!

As I mentioned before, chances are literally everyone you know uses their mobile phone to look at websites and engage with on-line content. And I am one of those people, I properly use my mobile phone / iPad to look at content more than I do my laptop or desktop computer.

From experience, this can go one of two ways: very bad or very good.

  1. In the very bad aspect, you’re dealing with sites that are too cluttered, and are not mobile friendly such as you need to zoom in to a certain part of the site to read the info eg- it does not scale to the screen site you are viewing it on.  This can drive people to leave the website, and in the worst case scenario – never return.  Which is not what you want at all.
  2. In the very good aspect, you’re delighted and want to look around more throughout the site. This instills a sense of enjoyment in the viewer, it allows them to experience a pleasurable site and brings them back in for more. Which is all about the UI and UX design in the end its all about the user engagement.

The important point of all of this is that you want to please your audience, first and foremost.  You want to bring enjoyment to their viewing experience, which is why you should be at the top of your mobile responsive website game.

Maintain A Good Online Reputation

With this new algorithm update, Google is making it harder and harder for us to be at the top of the game.

This is why it is important to ensure that your mobile website is up to Google’s standards, and maintain a productive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that the website appears on the first search page – rather than the second or third; which is what Google is accomplishing with non-mobile friendly website via their new update.

At this point it should be obvious of how a productive mobile responsive website will benefit you and your business.

It’s time to turn things around, and start putting more effort into your mobile responsive sites, and applications too.

So, let’s get the ball rolling, and start improving those mobile website strategies! Need help designing and developing a new website design in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Contact AJR and bring your business to life on-line, you will not be disappointed, Feel free to email me using the contact form or give me a call: 01709 329473 / 0780 7085 003 and we can arrange a sit down to discuss your website needs.



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