Simple Web Design Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

In this article AJR discuss Simple Web Design Mishaps & How to Avoid Them

Designing a unique and professional website is not an easy task to achieve. There are many factors and aspects to consider, in areas such as design and staying constant and true to your brand image and message you are trying to convey to your website visitors and potential customers, then there is content you are going to be publishing on a regular basis to help build your online audience and bring authorship and credibility to your site and overall brand, the clarity of information on the site must be clear and transparent to the eye.

While an attractive and appealing website is a very important factory to take into account, it is crucial that your page is also clever and intuitive. Below are some common website design pitfalls and how to resolve or avoid them.

Unclear purpose. 

Conveying your company’s message is a vital aspect in the success of your website, and should be apparent immediately upon entrance. What makes you different from the rest? What does your company strive to do for its customers? Avoid making people play a guessing game by making assumptions about your company – clarity is key!

Not capturing customers. 

Every business should strive to develop long-term relationships with customers or users, and not limit them to one-time exchanges. Make sure your social media page’s links are visible and prominent so that those who want to keep in touch and get updates from you can do so with ease, I would suggest placing your social media at the bottom of the page in the footer area or icons at the top under a phone number…remember we want the customer to stay on the page and follow the call to action not drift off on to your twitter or Instagram page.

Also, incorporating email sign-up spaces is a way to capture customers and cultivate lasting relationships. I’m not a huge fan of email sign-ups but if your content is great and I want to read it and you don’t spam me every day, I may opt-in!

Non-existent contact information. 

Customers are often looking for support, and keeping phone numbers and contact emails front and centre is your best bet in alleviating customer questions or concerns. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is the key to maintaining a successful business.

Frustrating fonts. 

You should be able to read a websites content like a book. Using large fonts is important for headlines and call to actions to eliminate the struggle of making your main message clear and legible. The main website body content should be of the standard size and typeface, Your text should not be too long also as people don’t want to read through paragraph after paragraph of text, but it should not be too short either as this can send out the wrong message about your brand – you should be able to convey your message without having to write an entire novel about your company. A long well written informative article on your blog is fine if it’s worth the read! Your viewers will come back

Give customers multiple ways to contact and engage with you, I have several different methods of contact listed below.

  • Landline telephone – shows a fixed location and adds trust.
  • Mobile telephone – some customers like to send a quick text, not the best way of contact! But you can engage from there.
  • Contact form – a quick and easy way for people who don’t what to call and speak to someone, allot of people don’t like talking on the phone and using a contact form does not cost anything its free! Try not to ask for a telephone number as this is a quick response and you respect the customer for choosing this method.
  • Free Quote form – Some businesses charge to quote a job if they don’t have a standard price and you require a written proposal especially if it requires time onsite such as a trades company. By having a free quote form it gives potential customers a way of contacting you free of charge to get an idea of the cost involved, you won’t get every job but this gets rid of the time wasters and cheap rate customers who don’t value your time and just want the lowest quote they can get. Also always ask for a telephone number as this can also put off the time wasters.
  • Live Chat & Offline Messaging – Live chat is a great way to engage with customers and website visitors, its also really handy for your potential customers to ask you quick questions on the spot without having to wait for a reply and its smack bang in the right hand corner of every page. Even if your offline it works as a contact form and customers can leave an offline message you can reply to. It also gives you stats about your website traffic and shows visitors landing and leaving your site and what pages they are viewing in real time.

Andrew Marriott
Owner & Founder at AJR Solutions
I am a technical & creative guy who loves technology. From a very young age, I have had a passion for technology, website / graphic design and photography. I work hard & play harder, I’m driven and full of enthusiasm with a passion to help others. Technology, digital design, web development & creative photography are areas I am really passionate about.

In the past i have worked for a leading IT Solutions & Managed service provider in Rotherham dealing with a range of IT platforms, such as - on site field engineering and remote support, dealing with all types of servers such as Virtual & Physical, Hyper–V, VMware, Windows server 2012 R2, SBS - Small Business Server 2008 2011, SQL, Terminal, Exchange, Active Directory, Group Policy, TCP, IP, DNS, DHCP, VPN, RDP, hybrid & cloud, Office 365 and managed security solutions such as Antivirus and Spam filtering.

Prior to this, I worked for Wickersley School & Sports College as the Lead IT & Network Technician and also supporting local primary schools with IT Support and engineering visits & Project Management, while also running my own company AJR Solutions, providing IT & Creative Solutions. In addition to my full-time career, I’m very creative and have a huge passion for design and love how design can have a massive impact on a business image, presence and value
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