Lets Give you an idea of The Design Process

This section will give you an idea of The Design Process and what you can expect for AJR Designs and how things will flow. I know this can be a daunting task finding a graphic and web designer and your head will spinning and all over the place, i just want to help reassure you and get your project completed stress free and exceed your expectations. and it all starts with the first initial meeting with me so lets get started..

Initial Client Meeting

This is a get to know us session and a meetup to discuss ideas about your design project. This gives you the chance to explain to me your ideas and the goals. I will also help as much as I can to explain anything your unsure about, I will also input some of my ideas for your project to help build a starting foundation for the project.

During this session if you are happy for AJR to go ahead and start your project we will ask you to complete a new client information pack. This includes your details, and a questionnaire about your design project.

Design Agreement

This is an agreement form between AJR and you the client. It will outline what we will be designing, prices, time scales. We both sign this document so we both know what has been agreed and how it will be delivered.

Before any design project can be started a 50% deposit of the overall project must be paid. This can be paid during the initial meetup or we can schedule another session.

Sketching & Research

Once we have some ideas and your design questionnaire we will then move on to the sketching stage, this is the best way to get the creative juices flowing and ideas on paper.

** This stage is just for website design clients **

Website Domain Name & Hosting Setup ( for website design only )

If we are designing and building a website for you then we will need to arrange a meetup to register your domain name and setup the website hosting with our hosting company, as a partner we get you a free domain name and hosting for 12 mths they only charge a small registration fee and we even get you 50% off that.

What's a domain name ?

Your domain name is the address for your website, just like a house number it's so people know where to find you.

eg- - www.yourbusiness.co.uk

What's hosting ?

Hosting is a space on the internet where your website and all of its content lives. Also emails are included in your hosting AJR will set them up for you and they can be anything you choose eg.

Building & illustrating the design

With the sketch ideas we have on paper We then move on to the computer and start to designing the artwork and bring it to life.

Logo Design is normally 3-4 concepts it could be more depending on the ideas we sketch down on paper (revisions can be applied on request)
Other artwork is 1 concept with different directions from your ideas and our sketches (revisions can be applied on request)

Presenting the Design

This is the stage we invite you back to approve the design work, live revision can be made while you are present. Once you are happy with the design it then need to be signed off to complete the project.

All design work is supplied to you on a DVD disc with all versions, for instance a logo design includes editable, Outlines, transparent white and black .png version,.Jpg file to insert on emails and documents. and any other version you may require.

After Care

As we always do with our clients we provide after care, and this comes in many forms for instance if you need help setting up your social media accounts, some training on adding articles and blog posts to your website right the way through to maintaining your website.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

The main area of after care we provide our clients is with our ongoing website maintenance package, and this includes

Updates -

keeping the website up to date this includes databases, coding, Framework, plugins, (these have regular daily and weekly updates been supplied that need to be kept on top off)

Safe & Secure -

Keeping it safe & secure, with our protection package, website are prone to hackers and malicious brute force attacks, AJR provide ip blacklisting, malware monitoring, and regular safety checks and scans.

Fully backed up -

We make sure your website is fully backed up and keep an offline copy and a cloud backup so we can roll back your website to a working state should anything happen, we take regular backups based on your requirements, such as daily, weekly intervals.

Keeping it functional - 

We keep your website functional to give you piece of mind, your website is a valuable business tool and therefore should be looked after, i always say my website looks after me by bringing me new work and clients and without it my business would not be the same, so in turn i return the favor and keep it healthy and looked after. You should do the same!


Design Process
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