The Importance Of Your Business Website

In this article AJR discusses The Importance Of Your Business Website

So your proerly thinking about The Importance Of Your Business Website and how this will help increase your business brand awareness and profit so let me explain The Importance Of Your Business Website.

When you’re running a business you need to be able to juggle lot’s of balls at once, so the thought of having to maintain a website may be daunting on top of all of your ‘real life’ needs and requirements.

However, don’t be too quick to dismiss the idea of a website! There are a number of reasons why having a business website can be beneficial to your company, and some of these can actually help you manage your time and resources more efficiently.

“Bill Gates Quoted”


A Website Gives You Credibility

A professionally laid out website with full contact information and detailed product lists makes potential customers feel that your company is trustworthy. If you have a secure site, are able to take payments online and respond quickly to any queries, it will give potential customers a greater confidence in your business and will make them feel more comfortable dealing with you. It’s important to update your website regularly to maintain the levels of trust that it will inspire. Google’s latest updates also take the quality and ‘freshness’ of a site into consideration when ordering search results.

A Website Will Greet Your Customers 24/7

Your site will work for you around the clock, tirelessly attracting and informing customers about the products and services you offer. If you have the site set up for sales and payments (e-commerce), the website can effectively do the work of full time sales staff, while you get on with the real life tasks that need to be completed. A website also allows customers to supply feedback and submit queries through an online email system, so can set aside time each day to sit and go through the queries, questions and complaints, knowing that you are not letting any potential customers slip away unnoticed.

Website Management Saves You Time

If you have your website managed for you, you don’t need to worry about updating the site and constantly adjusting text and pictures, as your designer will do all of that for you! They are able to provide a polished and professional looking website in a surprisingly short time, and once you have detailed the updates and tweaks that you want, they will implement them for you, leaving you free to get on with the nitty-gritty of running the business.

Far from being an additional burden, a website is a useful tool that can help you with the many tasks associated with running a company. You will quickly realise just how much work you can save by letting the website take the burden off your shoulders.

In this new technological age where humble home workers can have an international presence and sole traders can work with businesses on the other side of the world, failure to have a website will mean that you could be missing out on a whole world of potential customers.

Improving your website with a few tips

What to consider about your small business website

As a small business you have to keep customers you can’t afford to lose. If a large, well-known corporation loses a few customers, they won’t notice it. As a small business, this could mean fighting for survival. Keep your clientele with your very own 1&1 small business website. A few reasons for small business losing customers is because the business doesn’t present it self properly, the customers can’t identify with the business, their websites are unclear and difficult to navigate, the business is not easy to contact, or they provide old and outdated information to their customers. If you find yourself having a combination of these attributes, change your methods. Customers are spending money and expect something in return. Make them feel like they are spending money on a business that they can identify with and care about what they think. A good start is The AJR Design Business Start Up Package for small businesses!

Is the contact page of my personal website really that important?

A contact page for your personal website is of great importance, When you access a webpage and have questions, do you frequently look for a tab labelled contact us? This is exactly what a contact page is. It serves the website visitors with
The contact page completes the personal aspect of your personal website. It is basically your website’s resumeand biography to give your visitors a general overview of who you are and what your website is all about. Such a contact page for a personal website usually contains a short biography about the creator, provides links, contact details and social network links for Facebook, Twitter and the like. Allow your website visitors to put a face to your personal website!

Business model that targets the correct audience

Give your established and potential customers something to identify with and something to fall back on. By having a proper business model that explains what your business does and is all about so your customers can inform themselves on your business brand. Inform your customers about anything they would want to know.

If you don’t provide a sound business model on your small business website, your customers will not know who they are dealing with and will be turned off from your business. Ensure that anyone who visits your small business website can instantly find out what your business does.

Here at AJR Designs we offer a range of services including Logo Design and Website Design in Rotherham. To find out more about how we could help to create or upgrade your business website, contact us today for a free no obligation consultation.

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In the past i have worked for a leading IT Solutions & Managed service provider in Rotherham dealing with a range of IT platforms, such as - on site field engineering and remote support, dealing with all types of servers such as Virtual & Physical, Hyper–V, VMware, Windows server 2012 R2, SBS - Small Business Server 2008 2011, SQL, Terminal, Exchange, Active Directory, Group Policy, TCP, IP, DNS, DHCP, VPN, RDP, hybrid & cloud, Office 365 and managed security solutions such as Antivirus and Spam filtering.

Prior to this, I worked for Wickersley School & Sports College as the Lead IT & Network Technician and also supporting local primary schools with IT Support and engineering visits & Project Management, while also running my own company AJR Solutions, providing IT & Creative Solutions. In addition to my full-time career, I’m very creative and have a huge passion for design and love how design can have a massive impact on a business image, presence and value
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