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Website’s are a fantastic and low cost way to increase your business brand recognition and income. Over the years we have learnt exactly what makes a good website and how to convert website visitors into customers. Every project we have created so far has had superb feedback from the client and their customers.

To help make the process of moving online easier, we have created a set of Web Design & Development packages:. Each package has a fixed price allowing you to keep in control of your finances.

We also know a successful website will grow over time as more content is added and visitors increase. This is why we don’t have any bandwidth / webspace restrictions fees. Your website can keep growing without any additional cost guaranteed.

All of our Web Design & Development packages come with a content management system (CMS) which allows you to edit your website online via an admin area. You don’t need to have any web design skills, just very basic computer knowledge and you will find it easy to edit your website’s content in minutes.

Free Domain Name & UK Hosting For One Year

When you are thinking of a new website, you need a unique address on the Internet – this is called a domain name. Domain names are what you type into your browser to see your website. Also known as the website URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

For a website to be available on the internet, All the website content such as text, images and other content must be placed somewhere that is accessible to everyone via the Internet. This place is called a web space or web server. A web space is the place where you keep all the content you want to display on your website. Web space storage is offered by companies called “web hosting providers”, and they come in all price ranges, in varying sizes and with different levels of functionality. But not to worry AJR Designs will take care of everything.





Website cross browser compatibility

With lots of different web browsers, operating systems, and screen resolutions, it is nearly impossible to insure that your website is displaying correctly. At AJR Designs, we go through a testing process to make sure your website is displaying correctly. We test all of our websites with the major browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera!


Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Google Page Speed Optimised

Search Engine Optimised

Site Visitor Analytics

(CMS) Content Managed

Security & Maintenance

Special Features AJR Can Add To Your Website.

The features below can be added to any of the website packages to increase its functionality even further for an additional charge. Below are some of the most frequent we get asked for by our clients, if you require a feature that is not listed below feel free to ask. our pricing is competitive, simple and straight forward.

Extra features and functionality can be added to your website at a later stage so dont feel like you have to have everything all at once, your website can grow with your business.    

This amazing application will transform the way you run your website. If a user requests a live chat you would be notified instantly by an on screen pop-up on your PC(s) and a ringing sound like a telephone, you answer and can then begin chatting to your user. Our live chat software is a very useful and a powerful business utility that has many other features apart from just live chat:-

Pop-up alert on your computer the instant a new visitor is viewing your website (which means if someone visits your home page and doesn’t even click chat)
Linked to Google maps live so you can see where in the country they are viewing your website from.
How they got to your website i.e. Google and what they typed in to find you (keywords) so you get a rough idea of the products they are looking for.
You can then even try to engage them into a chat by making a box appear on their screen asking then if they need any assistance.
Really cool stuff that can help engage visitors and help you view visitor trends

Display, manage, collect, testimonials on your website. Your clients will have the ability to add there own testimonials direct from your website, you then log into the admin panel proof read and if your happy with the review you can submit and display on your testimonials page.

Good genuine client testimonials will help your business gain trust from your potential clients.

Are you looking to start selling your goods and services online?

AJR can set up and configure a full online ordering system for you with inventory management, user accounts, and an online shopping cart. This type of system requires more involvement, but is essential for high volume online product management. This type of system is gives online shoppers a user-friendly experience. We will also provide training on adding products to your online shop.

Want to showcase your work or projects to the world / AJR can set up a portfolio gallery on your website and train you on how to add your latest work and projects.

This is our main after care package for a flat rate per year we maintain your website all year round providing scheduled checks including updating the website framework, databases, plugins and every aspect of your website that needs updates.

This package also includes AJR taking regular backups of your website on a daily, weekly schedule keeping both an on premise backup and cloud backup in case of emergency we can roll your website back to a good backup.

When i comes to Content managed website (CMS) their is always hackers around the world trying to infect websites to gain access to eith shut down the site or steal information, our security package will keep your website secure and safe from brute force attacks. We setup security on the back end of the site and monitor it throughout the year keeping your site fully updated, backed up and secure from threats.    

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