Word Of Mouth Is Golden For Your Business

In this article we are going to talk about why Word Of Mouth Is Golden For Your Business

The most effective advertising that you and your business can get is a lot more difficult to achieve and gain but much more effective and long lasting than traditional online and print media advertising. It is called “word of mouth advertising” & it’s earned rather than purchased. It is your clients’ opinion of your product and services, which can fluctuate from very vocal with praise to very vocal with negative response.

Word of mouth is available to start-ups as well as large companies. It can be achieved cost free with minimal cash outlays by just doing things right. Word of mouth can be earned very quickly or over a long period of time, depending on the product or service you are selling or offering, and sometimes it’s instantaneous.

After people go see that new blockbuster film at the cinema, they talk about what they have just seen. I know I do been a big movie fan I may say  “Wow that films awesome”, I could watch that again” and sometimes I have been back to watch the same film on the big screen because of the atmosphere ” or ” That was a load of pants all the best bits was in the trailer.” Descriptive word spreads quickly, and new viewers of that film result if those who saw and liked it tell their friends & family.

On another note, word of mouth can take a very long time to develop and get out there for some businesses; you will probably do thousands of miles in a car before recommending it to others, or a new diet might take it’s time to budge your scale for several weeks before finally proving all the work was worth it. Here are seven factors to consider for creating good word of mouth for your business and its products and services:


From the get-go and first day of trading, all employees must be aware of the importance of maintaining service quality, and a system must be put in place to monitor it. Any products or components outsourced must be fully inspected to see that your standards are met.


Regardless of whether your product is high or low service, customers / problems must be addressed early on and solved with a minimum amount of effort on the client’s part and in a timely fashion.


Many products need to be assembled or explained. The instructions accompanying the product must be clear and concise. Many businesses fail big time in this area and devote little time and effort to it. Poor instructions can turn off consumers to all your future products and create bad word of mouth. Even if your product doesn’t require assembly, customers will appreciate a detailed explanation of its uses and functions.


This is a must and should be the first area you focus on without a shadow of a doubt, All contact with your clients and inquiries must be courteous and knowledgeable. This starts with the telephone. Have a human answer your phones, if you are a sole trader and work by yourself  and not going to be able to answer your landline or mobile all the time have a nice voicemail answer phone message a human voice introducing yourself and let the person calling know why you have not answered And they will be contacted asap, not a computer like most large companies do. This simple move will start you on the path to good word of mouth with your customers.Your receptionist, who I call “Person of First Impressions,” is a more important hire than most employers acknowledge. You want an upbeat, intelligent, pleasant person in that slot. And someone who understands is a bonus! Don’t forget that managers’ interactions with employees, suppliers affects the word of mouth of your product and brand.


The value of the products you deliver to your clients is paramount if you want them to return and spread the good word about you. The value must meet or exceed their expectations. A good maxim to make sure all employees understand is under promise and over deliver.

High integrity:

You want all your clients to trust you. This trust must be earned continuously. It takes time to develop, but can be lost in an instant. Customer and client complaints must be addressed and solved quickly. Problems cannot be avoided, delayed, or shifted. Mistakes should be admitted and corrected right away. People want to do business with and work for trustworthy businesses.

Be a good member of the community:

There is no doubt that a businesses prime responsibility is to make money. So don’t feel guilty when you earn a profit. However, I believe the business has a responsibility to take actions to enhance the quality of service to its community. And This should not be just empty promises for show, if you promise then you should deliver. If your intentions are good, it is also good for your business, your family, and your health.

What you can personally do :-

    • Treat all your customers with respect and call them by there name if they say “my name is Joe” call them Joe, if they say “My name is Mr Smith”  then call them Mr Simth.
    • Always give that little bit extra trust me it works and they love it..!
    • Take the time to listen to the customer and let them finish never talk over them.
    • Give them a follow up call or email ask how they are getting on.
    • Always be professional never cross the line between client and friend, i have regular clients who i see as friends but remember business is business and most clients respect that and that’s were the little favour of a discount can come in to play, your keeping your client happy and doing them a good deed with the discount, its called customer loyalty.



Andrew Marriott
Owner & Founder at AJR Solutions
I am a technical & creative guy who loves technology. From a very young age, I have had a passion for technology, website / graphic design and photography. I work hard & play harder, I’m driven and full of enthusiasm with a passion to help others. Technology, digital design, web development & creative photography are areas I am really passionate about.

In the past i have worked for a leading IT Solutions & Managed service provider in Rotherham dealing with a range of IT platforms, such as - on site field engineering and remote support, dealing with all types of servers such as Virtual & Physical, Hyper–V, VMware, Windows server 2012 R2, SBS - Small Business Server 2008 2011, SQL, Terminal, Exchange, Active Directory, Group Policy, TCP, IP, DNS, DHCP, VPN, RDP, hybrid & cloud, Office 365 and managed security solutions such as Antivirus and Spam filtering.

Prior to this, I worked for Wickersley School & Sports College as the Lead IT & Network Technician and also supporting local primary schools with IT Support and engineering visits & Project Management, while also running my own company AJR Solutions, providing IT & Creative Solutions. In addition to my full-time career, I’m very creative and have a huge passion for design and love how design can have a massive impact on a business image, presence and value
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